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Site Information

You can review and update/edit your site information here.

To modify a site's settings, click on the appropriate 'ID' column.

To add a new site, fill in the form below the list.

Got questions?  Find answers in our faqs.

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Add a new site here:

Display Type : Site
Desired Status :
This controls whether this site will begin to display upon approval.
Surf Type :   
Description :
Page to Show : Test this link
Banner Link : no active or paused banners listed

Column Explanations:

ID is a NWT-assigned value that uniquely describes your site to our system.  This cannot be changed.

Exc a/mt is short for 'Exclusive'.  For sites, this means they will only show up as part of a Way Station; for banners, this means they will only show up when a site with a 'banner link' is displayed. This also indicates if this size is shown on ( ), and if it has a trivia (T) question attached.

Description is text you have assigned to describe the site or banner.  You may change this at any time, but it should not duplicate another existing description.

Appr/Status indicates the 'displayability' of the particular item, Showing "approval" and "status".  Approval values are:

  • Pend: Pending review by us (not active)
  • OK!: Entry reviewed okay... obey user's selected status
  • DH: Dog House Approval... this site is borderline, which will affect your surf rotation.
  • Warning: Either the site wasn't approved, or a member complaint caused us to lock the page out of rotation, and you are being warned to correct its content.

Status values (you set these) are:

  • /Active - Will rotate when approved, as long as you have credits
  • /Paused - Will not when approved, until you switch it to active
  • Deleted - still in your history list, but not in any rotation... can be re-activated
  • Deleted - Deleted, but kept in warning state

Total hits indicates how many times the site has been viewed since it was created.

Assigned Credits (No level may assign credits)

Hourly Feed (No level may add an hourly credit feed)

Banner Link allows any user to 'attach' a banner display to their site display.  This means that any time that your site displays on a surf view, your banner will display as well (assuming that the banner has sufficient credits for display).

Way Station (No level may add a Way Station)

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